Annual Inspections

Did you know that the Ontario Fire Code specifies a building owner or his agent is responsible for carrying out provisions of the Ontario Fire Code?

Your fire alarm system is the first line of defense to alert the building occupants of a possible fire.  Correct installation, inspection and maintenance of your fire alarm system is critical to the safety of the building and its’ occupants.

Annually our CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians will:

• Inspect all fire dampers and fire stop flaps
• Inspect disconnect switches for mechanical air conditioning and ventilation systems
• Carry out maintenance procedures for fire extinguishers
• Conduct a complete test of the building fire alarm system
• Conduct a complete test of the building voice communication system (if applicable)
• Inspect all standpipe hose valves
• Remove and rerack all standpipe hose
• Inspect all exposed sprinkler system pipe hangers
• Conduct sprinkler system alarm test using the hydraulically most remote test valve
• Conduct a dry pipe system trip test (if applicable)
• Conduct a main drain flow test of the sprinkler system water supply
• Inspect fire protection water supply tanks
• Conduct a fire pump flow test
• Inspect and flow test all fire hydrants

Our Canadian Fire Alarm Association Certified Fire Alarm Technicians specialize in inspecting, testing and servicing most of the major manufactured systems.