Substation Security

Theft of grounding conductors is a dangerous and expensive problem for electrical substations. With the high value of copper on today's salvage market these facilities are susceptible to theft making the equipment and surrounding area unsafe.

Replacement of grounding conductors can be very costly and time consuming. Costs to repair the substation grounding grid and associated equipment can also be in the thousands of dollars and after these expensive repairs the substation equipment is still vulnerable.

Sage Electric Limited has developed a system to help deter theft of copper conductors from electrical substations. Anyone attempting to climb, cut or dig under the perimeter fencing or tamper with the system's sensing conductors will trigger a signal back to our ULC monitoring station that is manned year round 24 hours a day. The monitoring station will immediately dispatch a security response team and notify any designated personnel.

Audible alarms, security lighting and infrared cameras can also be added for remote monitoring capability and increased protection.

For any additional information or to request a quote to have one of our systems installed please contact us