ULC Monitoring

Fires and burglaries are the most obvious hazards but consultation with Sage Electric can help you identify many other areas which may need monitor coverage, such as sprinklers, sump pumps, defibrillators, elevator phones, substations, phone lines, mechanical and equipment alarms.

A comprehensive system will protect your operation under almost every circumstance and provide significant savings on your insurance rates. Sage Electric's ULC-listed central monitoring station employs fully trained, friendly staff who provide 24 hour, year-round surveillance and fast response to summon the appropriate protection services for your complete security, safety and property preservation. 

Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada (ULC) has exacting requirements and conducts annual inspections. Our station equipment is duplicated and backed up by a AC generator. During the ice storm of 2013, Sage Electric's monitoring customers were consistently monitored without any interruption.